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SoftRAM95: "False and Misleading"

Last updated: August 29, 1996
by Andrew Schulman
Senior Editor, O'Reilly & Associates

SoftRAM95 was probably the only real non-Microsoft success story related to Windows 95. The vendor, Syncronys Softcorp (SYCR), sold about 600,000 copies of this supposed "RAM compression" product. Its stock went from 3 cents to 32 dollars. In late 1995, an investigation by the US Federal Trade Commission (FTC) forced Syncronys to recall the product, the company has failed to issue a much-promised "upgrade," and now the FTC has charged Syncronys with "false and misleading" claims. Several independent examinations have concluded that the product does not even attempt to do what it is supposed to do. This isn't just another bug. This is a fascinating story, with many lessons for the PC software industry.

This web page contains links to a huge amount of news and information related to SoftRAM95 and Syncronys Softcorp, in more or less reverse chronological order. Click here for an introduction to the whole bizarre story of Syncronys Softcorp and SoftRAM 95.

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NOTE: I have done some paid consulting for Connectix, whose RAM Doubler product competes directly with SoftRAM.

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